My dear, dear husband had a dozen roses delivered to my door once. It was my birthday. I was SO happy! The very next day every single head was hanging. Talk about depressing! We hadn’t even paid for them yet – Doug had used his credit card. Needless to say, I never received a bouquet of roses after that. I had to become a florist…

My point is this. Times have changed. We now know WHY those rose heads dropped and there is no reason for that to happen any more, barring a sick rose. Your roses should last at LEAST a week if they’ve been properly cared for by your florist.

Once a flower has been cut, the cells nearest the cut will close. On roses this happens within 5 seconds! Yes. 5 seconds!! When the grower cuts his roses (usually most GOOD growers) they are immediately put into water. They are then taken out in warehouse,  iced and air expressed to the wholesaler.The wholesaler gives the flower a fresh stem cut and placed in water. When the florist gets the flowers, usually about 3-4 days later, the flowers should receive another cut and placed immediately into a rehydration solution. This solution opens up the cells so the flower can absorb water and nutrients as well as killing bacteria. After this step they should be placed in fertilized water and put into a cooler. (NOTE: A cooler is ESENTIAL!. It slows the growing process down appreciably, extending the time you will be able to enjoy the flowers.)

Out of every dozen or so, one or two flowers will droop. There is probably air in the stem up closer to the head. Stick a pin in the bulging part just under the head and place in warm water. Hopefully the rose will bounce back.

Remember. Not all florists follow these proceedures. They may do part of this or none or all. You should feel free to ask your florist how they treat the flowers when they receive them.

When you receive the flowers USE THE FLOWER NUTRIENT PACKET! Why? Because the flowers are still taking in nutrients and the powder will also kill bacteria that would close the flower cells. Follow the directions on the packet.

Remember. All flowers have different lengths of life. An antherium can last over 4 weeks. An iris may last only 1 day after flowering!

Don’t expect perfection. When a flower dies, remove it, replace it , make adjustments. Just enjoy the flowers!!!