Shhhhhh. Don’t let this get out. Puleeease!!!! My fellow florists will disown me. They will put out a hit on me. Heaven forbid, my wholesalers won’t let me in their doors!!

So. Here goes. It really IS okay to buy flowers at the grocery store. Really. At the grocery store.

I know, I know. I’m a drama queen. What woman isn’t?

Why do I stick my neck out on this one? Because I want everyone to enjoy flowers in their homes. Flowers should be a staple item, like buying ketchup! Just like yogert or cheetos or chocolate.

Who can afford to buy a $50 arrangement every week? Well, some folks can. But most of us can’t. Especially in this economy. So go to the grocery store. Buy the $19 wrapped flower pack. Take it home. Cut off the bottom inch of stem. Put it all in a rehydrating solution immediately. (I guarantee – if you do this, the cells in those stems will open up and guzzle down nutrient enhanced water and last a lot longer! (If you can’t find rehydrating solution then justĀ use the fertilizer pack from the grocery store that comes with the flowers!)

But for special occasions, say once a month, (I’m being overly optimistic here), ask your florist to make a really crative design for you. A special one. Not a run of the mill – I’m in a hurry – one. Ask her(or him!) to make sure the flowers have been rehydrated and fertilized. It wouldn’t hurt to spray the finished bouquet with a solution to help them retain their moisture, too.

By doing this you support your local business (we all need help here!) and remind your florist to use proper preservation techniques so your flowers will last longer. After all, you paid $50 for that bouquet! (And your florist’s reputation will be enhanced as well!)