Thank you all for your comments! It makes it all worthwhile to know this blog is helpful. So far there has been no negative feedback at all!! The picture on the right was taken by my husband. He is a bird watcher. Among those who spend a good amount of money on optics to view birds there are two definitions. A bird watcher is one who is truly interested in birds as a  species. A bird watcher gets into the  scientific aspects. This person will watch one bird for hours if necessary to determine as many aspects of the bird as possible and take notes, draw pictures, take pictures. A birder just wants to see the bird, check it off the list and rush on to the next one. My husband comes by this naturally. He started watching birds as a small boy when his dad took him out on the ocean (his dad was Coast Guard.) He majored in wild life management. Hence the bird pics when I post a thank you to everyone.

If there are any questions about anything and you would like a response or a specific blog on a subject relating to flowers please let me know. Another blog which is full of very useful information to moms and dads about children is (I think that’s how it goes.) It’s my daughter’s blog and it is excellent!

Enjoy the flowers! Pipper