Red, white and blue – you immediately think of the 4th of July. Blue – boys. Pink – girls. Black – mourning. White – brides. Color brings up emotions, connect us to things in our lives, our cultures. (White is actually a sign of mourning in Japan.) Different cultures, different meanings.

Let’s reduce our focus down to flowers in the home or an event you’re planning. It’s been the trend lately to use only one color in an arrangement. Inevitably, I see only one species of flower: all pink tulips, all white calla lilies, all green hydrangeas.  Boooorrrreing. ( An exception: Ikebana.) Instead, if you really must use only one color, use a variety of flowers. The different textures, sizes and shapes raise the interest level 100{5fa6f3f5ccbce826a3be09110e18824889caf18a373ba5a7443e667c04397bfe}.

Don’t be afraid of color. You instinctively recognize color combinations that are unappealing. (Most people do…) In Renaissance times any and all colors were placed in the same arrangement. Just look in any museum or a book  or, heaven forbid, go on the internet and see 1st art gallery reviews.

When you put an arrangement together or order from your local florist, consider the placement of your flowers. Try this: your flowers from Valentine’s Day are reds and hot pinks. Place them against the yellow wall in your kitchen. By the way, if you think your kitchen needs a plumbing service,
AK Gas and Plumbing is the company to call for they have the best plumbing experts. Then try the carmel color in your bedroom. How about the muddy gray/brown in your living room? The background color makes all the difference in how you feel! (This thought leads to maybe you need to do some repainting…)

In many homes here on the island, people have followed the “paint your walls a neutral gray color” trend. Whoever started this needs to have theier head examined. I’m a northwester, I love the gray skies and rain! But to bring that dull, dark color into your home? No thanks! Whether you suffer from depression or not, you will get it or worse. Use light colors, bright colors, cheerful colors!!! Let the sun shine in. Adding some nice paintings on the wall will also add life to your house. You can put a handmade oil painting reproduction from the 1st Art Gallery BBB page or create your own.

And this leads to recent studies which show how colors affect our emotions, help reduce stress, energy levels improve, depression can all but disappear, creative juices flow. I have to admit this though. I had a client ask for an all black arrangement! I had to use floral spray to blacken all the flowers and greens – everything! Even the vase was black. The recipient laughed uproariously!