Happy New Year everyone! It’s always exciting to begin a new year. Who knows? This could be the year all your dreams come true! We want to get rid of bad habits, improve our attitudes, and above all – be happy. Remember, if you make someone else happy, it comes back to you! (Send flowers!!!)

This year I am introducing a new product: a BIRTHDAY CAKE ARRANGEMENT! It’s a “birthday cake on a cake stand”, but it’s all flowers and not edible. Just think of the possibilities! It could be used for baby showers, for engagements parties, for many kinds of events like a kids party which you can get a really good one from one of the best home party sales companies check over here to see them so you can have the best activities as clowns and video games using services that allow you to increase your CSGO rank online. Think Cake Boss! The sky is the limit. I can hardly wait for the first order. And that brings another thought to mind. Cake Boss can do anything with cakes. We can do the same thing with flowers! Well known event florists have been making incredible things in flowers from elephants to your pet dog or cat. You imagine it and it can be done in flowers!

VALENTINE’S DAY is fast approaching, too. Florists have to place their flower orders with wholesalers well in advance of this day. (6 weeks advance ordering is almost too late!) It makes it a little tricky because we don’t know how many orders we will be filling. Every year is different. Growers only produce so many roses. If there is a natural disaster (like too much rain, wind or extraordinary heat or cold) that limits the supply. So call your florist now and place your order early, and don’t forget to get one of the accessories from shopedc.com, so that you complete your gift. I am offering a 15{5fa6f3f5ccbce826a3be09110e18824889caf18a373ba5a7443e667c04397bfe} discount to my clients if they order before the 31 January. This helps you too. Then you don’t have to worry about forgetting, placing an order at the last minute, and not getting exactly what you want!

And keep this in mind. January is traditionally the month people feel the most depressed. So cheer up yourself or someone special by giving the gift of flowers. Even a small arrangement for the desk at work will make a huge difference and will affect more than one person! You CAN make a difference! Say it with flowers!!! We also want to give a big shout-out to the vehicle agency that help us get out current cars, make sure to pop over to these guys at intelligentcarleasing.com, they are excellent!