August is a very slow month in the floral business (except for weddings and events). Everyone goes on vacation! At the end of the month families are gearing up for the beginning of school. For me, it’s time to research and learn as much as I can about what other floral designers are doing in the world. There are a lot of amazing things going on!

I love doing weddings and events, specially when they hire the tampa wedding flowers services, I love taking pictures of their work. There is a huge responsibility to the client. If everything isn’t just right, it’s a recipe for disaster! It takes a great deal of money for a wedding, let alone an event or even a dinner party! It’s imperative for you, the client, to be prepared. Decide on a budget. How much can you afford? Will all your money go into the venue, to a caterer, a florist? Don’t forget all the incidentals. Also, if the couple wants Synthetic Diamonds for their wedding ring, is the store to visit. There are tables, chairs and linens to rent. Do you need a tent? How about music on epiphone guitars? lighting? architectural decorating? The list can become a little intimidating. I had a bride who insisted on having two cowhide rugs covered in rose petals for her reception area yet she was disappointed when I explained that the roses would stain the rugs. She waited until after she ordered these rugs to ask me about the flowers.

But don’t let it happen to you. First of all, start months ahead with your planning for a wedding or event. A dinner party should be planned at least a month out. Then make a list of all the guests you intend to invite. This number is important! Then another list of all the people who will be working to help you with this event. Decide on a venue. If your invitations are over 50 then start calling venues. They book early and fast.

An event planner can help you find everything you need, help with selections, give advice, share ideas, and give you a kleenex when you really need one. Many times your florist can provide this very necessary service for you where you can reach them through this site Ask questions, don’t hesitate! None of your ideas should be overlooked. It’s your event, your wedding, your dinner. Besides that, you are paying for it! You want everything to be perfect, your guests to be happy.

I’m a very optimistic person – usually. Until something happens to change my mind. I never paid attention to the term “bridezilla”. I nodded agreement to my contemporaries about the necessity of contracts. Drama, drama, drama. I dislike “drama”. Keep your cool, enjoy what you’re doing, do the very best work possible, the client is always right. Cliches all. But I’ve learned, over the years, that a cliche is another term for wisdom. Wisdom discovered over many generations.

A bride is bubbling over with enthusiasm, ideas, and nerves. Some brides know exactly what they want, others have no clue. A bride and her florist go through a process of discovery. Communication is essential. It’s like a crash course in the married life to come. (Here’s a  thought: I’ve been happily married for 43 years. I should be tops in communication, understanding the needs of an individual and able to produce exactly what’s needed. Right? Well… usually. There are some people you just can’t make happy.) My point? The people you ask to help you with your event should be people you know you can work with. You should already know their work and know they can produce your dream, your ideas. Don’t be afraid to say “no”!

Good luck! And enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!