Before we get into any deep discussions let’s do a Della Robbia design together! Lucca Della Robbia was an Italian Renaissance artist who was the first to make actual floral arrangements using fruits, nuts and vegetables, as well as flowers. It’s easy and fun. The pictures above will help guide you.

First: select your vase. I am using a glass compote on a stand. Place a pre-soaked hunk of aqua foam (cut to fit your container) inside. (Make sure you add a flower food to your water!)

Second: From your yard, garden or roadside gather any greenery you want to use. Salal, ferns, grasses, huckleberry, boxwood, hosta leaves, etc. Position them throughout the foam in a pleasing manner.

Third: Spray your grape clusters with Pam. Wipe shortening over your other fruits. This will keep the fruit flies away. Then, using a light gauge wire, attach it to the end of the stem of one  grape cluster, stretch the wire across your container and wrap the second grape cluster. The two clusters should fit opposite each other across the container, draping down either side.

Fourth: Add all the flowers you want. Along the way add a yellow lemon or lime or other fruit or vegetable. To do this, use a “pic” or make your own. A wood skewer (as thick as a toothpick only longer- 6″ -8″). Insert one end in the fruit leaving a good length the push between the flowers and into the foam.

Fifth: As you work keep in mind balance and shape, texture and color combinations. And there you have it!! Your friends will be VERY impressed. Don’t forget to add water on a regular basis. You don’t want the aqua foam to dry out. ENJOY!