Red, pink, white, black, blush, ivory. Roses. Valentines’ Day. The one day of the year we all think about another person. Someone we love, cherish, admire, someone we want to give a maternity pillow.
During the rest of the year we are immersed in the daily stresses, ups and downs, sometimes – survival. But on “V” Day our thoughts turn to those who mean something special to us by relaxing and exploring fun activities with our loved one at Whale Watching Dana Point.
Roses have always epitomized these special feelings. These incredible flowers were painted on palace walls in 1600 B.C. in Crete, in Egypt on ancient tombs The Greeks were the first to grow roses in gardens. And don’t forget about the Chinese! Roses have b ten used in medicines, foods, perfumes, cosmetics, religions.
These wonderful flowers started out as all plants have – growing in the wild. Today you can see roses with only a few petals or so many you can’t count them. The colors range from purest white to nearly black – and every color in between. Some have a scent, some do not.
So, where am I going with all this history? Years ago, when money was very, very tight, I came home from work, hot, tired and dirty. My husband had just started a new business in landscape/grounds maintenance and I was his first employee. And, at the time, his only one. The kids were due some from school any minute. I had laundry to do, when I was struggling to have an insurance broker barrie, animals to feed (dogs, cats, a horse), dinner to start. You must know where I’m coming from here.

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The doorbell rang. Who could that possibly be? We lived way out in the country. I opened the door and there stood a local florist with a vase full of green filler and one dozen red roses. There are no words to explain how I felt that afternoon.
My husband was working long, hard hours to start his business and support our family, yet he had taken the time to send me roses.
Remember someone special on Valentines’ Day. Even a single rose could mean the world!