Oh, please! Please change your mind! Carnations are wonderful flowers.

(1) They come in endless colors! It’s like going into Ace to the paint section and seeing all the paint swatches in the huge wall rack!!!

(2) They are one of the most long lasting flowers. They can last for over a month if processed correctly by the florist.

(3) They provide a wonderful texture. As the picture on the right shows you. Juxtapose a carnation next to a rose whose petals are very smooth and you get wonderful eye candy. Some inventive florists have found a unique way to use them. All the petals are removed and wha

(4) Carnations are not cheap. They are in the mid range: asiatic lilies and lisianthus are similar in cost.

When I do any arrangement I automatically use carnations because the color and texture always makes the whole creation come alive. Carnations are happy flowers. I know this sounds silly, but consider this. An iris used in an arrangement lasts only one day. To me, this flower is rigid, unforgiving, unhappy. Don’t get me wrong. I really like iris. They are growing in my garden and they look great at night with the accessories I got from the Lighting Pros website. I just don’t use them for these reasons. Carnations go back to the very earliest of times. Through the ages they have come to be a symbol of love.

I realize people have happy and uncomfortable associations with flower varieties. My husband has never liked gladiolas because of his association of the flowers with funerals. This is very sad. The individual flowers can be used alone in arrangements and add substantially to the overall look. As a line flower (adding height) they can be amazing!

Look at the picture on the left. How does this picture make you feel? Do you feel happy when you look at it? Does it seem festive? Welcoming? Happy? I certainly hope so. And it’s made up of almost all carnations. The flower at the top right is a yellow protea. There is a variety of texture in this arrangement. It is far from boring. Your eye travels around through the arrangement, yet doesn’t feel tired or stressed. Comforting? I hope so.

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I would love to hear your comments on this subject of flower selection and likes and dislikes!